It's been a long time since our last update.....


Lets see....What has been going on since the last update....When was it....MARCH?

The kids finished the school year in the public school system.  They spent the e for summer at the YMCA doing Gymnastics and swimming lessons...They are both officially fish now!  Peter was in two soccer programs, but has decided he really likes gymnastics and would like more in-depth lessons vs. soccer.  Nadia participated in Cheerleading over the summer and really enjoyed it...BUT...has decided that she too would like to get gymnastics lessons.  Deanna and I were a little shocked since Peter LOVES soccer and Nadia really liked cheerleading... BUT...the strength and coordination that they will develop in gymnastics will help them in any sports or activities they choose to do in the future.

Here are some pictures of Nadia and Peter in Cheerleading and Soccer.

In April Paul, Amanda and Stephanie came down from South Carolina to spend Easter with us.  I was actually able to get Paul out on the boat...although the motor took a dump coming back to the marina...Thankfully we were only 4 miles out when it happened and not 54 miles out...where we were at one point during the day...FYI, had the lower unit replaced and then sold the boat...The kids went over to Grandpa Gary and Grandma Faye's house for an Easter egg hunt and some swimming before heading back to South Carolina.

Here are some pictures of their visit.

In July, Nadia and Peter's cousins (Amanda and Stephanie) came back down from South Carolina for a couple weeks...They all got along great the entire time...The most amazing thing happened while Amanda and Stephanie were here this time...Nadia and Peter spoke only English the entire time...AND...have continued speaking only English since...even to each other!

Here are some pictures of when Amanda and Stephanie were out.

We met Paul (Troy's Brother) in Jacksonville to get the girls back home...I think Paul was as excited as the girls to be back together.  The kids all had a great time and I hope we can do it again next year.

Here are some pictures of everyone in Jacksonville.

I think they have both grown 2 inches since they arrived in the States back in February...

Peter and Nadia go back to school on Monday, August 20th.  I can't believe summer is over already...I can't believe that I don't get a summer break anymore...I still dream about it though!

We will try to update this site more often....but, I will tell you this...It was much easier finding time to do things like this when we were sitting in a room in Kiev or Svatove...

More to come!

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