Back in Kiev!

13 January, 2007

We arrived back in Kiev today at 9:30am.  The flight was about an hour early.  Once again it was very difficult to sleep on the airplane...  It is now just after 8pm here in Kiev...We just got back from eating at a Ukrainian was good.  Deanna wants to go back for lunch tomorrow.

Anyway...I just wanted to let everyone know that we arrived safely and we are just waiting to find out when we are going back to Svatove.  There has been a little delay due to the fact that the director, deputy director and a hand full of other people at the SDA have resigned.  We found out that our paperwork, that was supposed to be signed and sent back to the court last week, hasn't been completed yet.  Our Facilitator here in Kiev is going to try to get this done for us on Monday.  Without this paperwork signed, we cannot go to court on the 17th.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!  We will write more when we know more....The Fun Never Ends!

Troy and Deanna



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