Back to CBATOBE (Svatove) AGAIN....

On Our Way

28 January, 2007

Well, it is Sunday the 28th of January.  We will be picked up by our driver Sasha this evening at 7:20pm and be dropped off over at the train station where we will meet up with our translator Olga.  If we haven't already mentioned this, Olga is awesome!

We have been reading all of these horror posts from people over here that have taken the "Overnight Train" to their region and how horrible it is and loud and nasty and all that crap.  Yes they are small, yes the sheets are old (BUT CLEAN) yes it is like stepping back in time a little bit, yes if you don't use the restroom EARLY, it gets a little ah...Messy...Now with all that said....We had a fun time on the overnight train.

For any of the people reading this that are in the process of adopting here in Ukraine....Kiev is one of the most beautiful city's I have had the pleasure of visiting...and I have been to a lot of different countries over the years.

There are a few things that you must prepare yourself for before coming over here....First and foremost...When you leave Kiev, you are going to have to leave some of your creature comforts behind...If you prepare yourself now...You will be better for it.  Not all regions are the same, for that matter, each city within each region is different.

Do not bring everything you own to Kiev...and when you leave Kiev to go to your region...Don't bring everything you brought to Kiev if at all possible....Now, if you are going to be staying in the remote region for the entire 10-day waiting period...That is a different story.

The moral to this story is...If you prepare yourselves for a little bit a reality, (reality is that this trip is close to camping) then you will have a much better time while in country...and maybe, just wont spend your time being unhappy...and you will actually have a little bit of fun while you are here.

Deanna and I have had a great time in Ukraine, not just in Kiev, but every city and town we have visited!  There are fun and unique things to do in each and every one of them...And just because your translator isn't with you 100% of the time, doesn't mean that you shouldn't get out and enjoy yourselves.

People walk with a purpose here...Imagine New York City times 10.  It is more crowded here.  We have been on the metro (subway) when there are only a few people on it...and we have been on it when you could barely breath.  Same is true with the buses and trolleys!  Know that at some point in time...You will find out what a sardine feels like...When it happens...Smile and realize that you are out taking part in this wonderful culture...Then, just when the bus, train or trolley stops, people are going to come at you from each direction and cut in front for you to get where they are going..."You" don't matter to them...My advice...Become part of it...Don't be rude, but when using their transportation system...Fit in...and move with a purpose at least until you get out of the stampede! Then once clear....You can take a breath and look around...

Well....I don't know how I got off on that tangent...I think I will write more about our experiences here in Ukraine once we get home.  I would like everyone that comes over here to have as wonderful a time as we have...I have heard about too many people who have not made the most of it...or...weren't completely prepared (if that is possible) and didn't have a good time here...AND...That is just sad, because there is so much to see and do!

Anyway...Back to Svatove AGAIN...This will be our final trip back to Svatove on this journey of ours.  We will be picking up our wonderful children tomorrow after arriving in town. At noon the orphanage Director has arranged with the public school system to have all the kids back at the orphanage.  We will be throwing a going away party for Nadia and Peter with juice, cake and all the fun stuff that goes along with a party.  I think we will need to find some balloons here in Kiev before we leave...When the party is over we will be heading out to finalize any remaining paperwork in Svatove and then driving to Luhans'k with the kids.  The next morning we have to take care of finalizing the passports and arranging travel (Ukrainian Air) back to Kiev.  Once back in Kiev we will be able to update everyone as to how successful we were on our very tight timeline!  If you don't hear from us by late Wednesday, well...Things may be taking a little longer.

Deanna has requested that everyone pray that we can meet all of our timelines and get processed out of here and back to the US on Saturday!

We miss you all and look forward to seeing everyone shortly!  We will make some updates when we get back to Kiev!

Troy and Deanna



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