DECEMBER 13th, 2006


34 hours and we are off to Kiev


Yesterday was my last day at work!  Boy was that a long day!  Today I had to drive to Tallahassee (4 hours each way) to get the last 4 documents apostilled for our trip.   Tomorrow we are both off.  Our list of things to do is long and includes taking our birds to their sitters, packing, getting cash all while trying to remember to breathe.  J


Our plane leaves Tampa at 12:39pm.  We have a 2 hour layover at JFK and then we are on a direct flight to Kiev.  This flight is 9 ˝ hours long.  We arrive in Kiev around 10am on 12/16 (Ukraine time which is 8 hours ahead of EST).  We plan to meet up with two couples in Kiev who have appointment dates close to ours (one will be on the same flight out of JFK).   Once we arrive in Kiev I have no idea where we are staying yet, hopefully we will find that out soon.


If we don’t post again before we leave we will post something on Saturday or Sunday once we find an internet café.

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