DECEMBER 19th, 2006


Yesterday we had our appointment at the SDA.  We received a referral for two children.  We leave tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30am for the region where the orphanage is located.  Both children (a girl and a boy) are in the same orphanage and have been there since sometime in 2005.  The region is a 6 hour train ride and then a 2+ hour car ride.  We will be in a small city that may not have internet access so we may not be able to update the website but we should be able to update the blog (just click on the blog link on the home page).  We will also be able to check e-mail so please click the "send us email" button on the front page and we will write back to you when we can.

We have been really lucky and hooked up with several other couples in Kiev.  One couple is from Dallas and we have seen them every day.  They are going to be about 2 hours from us once we get to region. We met several other couples and plan to keep in touch with them while we are in country. 

Today is St. Nicholas day and there were celebrations in the squares and the children had a 1/2 day of school. 

Talk to you when we can

Deanna and Troy


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