January 05
All is quiet

As of today we still have not heard anything from Ukraine as to when our appointment will be. Recently there were some changes to the National Adoption Center and they stopped processing all adoptions in late December. On December 28th the US Embassy issued a notice to adopting parents stating that if they had January appointments, they should not travel until they know for sure that the adoption center will be open and able to process adoptions.

At this point we are now expecting to go to Ukraine in April, May or even June. Our documents begin to expire in March so if we do not go before them, many of our documents will need to be re-done. (This of course, didn't happen so all of our documents needed to be re-done)

Given our luck, we will now be in Ukraine in March 06 instead of December 05/Jan 06.  Thankfully, my parents are so excited about being Grandparents that they offered to pack and move us to our new home if that is the case! (They didn't need too...We did it)

As soon as we have real news we will post again. Happy New Year.


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