Photo Gallery

We are back in Kiev and taking pictures.  Here are some pictures that we took on the day we arrived back in Kiev and the next day (Saturday and Sunday January 13th and 14th 2007).  Some of the pictures are dark....sorry!


Looking at Podil at Night

The Brothers Monument (arch)

Friendship between Russia and Ukraine

Statue of Prince Vladimir the Great

Under the Brothers Monument

Under the Brothers Monument

Under the Brothers Monument

Podil at Night

Kiev at Night

Hotel Dnipo

Knotraktova Square

Podil Trolley

Nice All Terrain Vehicle

I don't know....I liked it - Podil

Podil Orthodox Church

Friendship Arch from Podil

another one Troy liked

Dnipo River and Kiev Hillside

Looking up at St. Andrei's Church

Ukrainian Tug for you mariners out there!

Sailors War Memorial

Podil by day

More Podil

Yes More Podil

Can you see it....It's coming

You can See St. Andrei's Church in this one

Podil...Wait you can see it....It's coming

MCDONALDS - again!

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