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Here are some of the pictures we took on the 17th and 18th of January while we were in Svatove.


View of the "Spa" from the street

Front enterance to the "Spa"

This is the land behind the "Spa" which they own

street in Svatove

Road from the Spa to the Main Drag in Svatove

Re-Construction of a place in Svatove

Road heading to the orphanage

Old house

Main drag in Svatove

Main drag in Svatove

cool building

Troy walking by the library

Main drag in Svatove

the cell phone store in Svatove (KievStar)

courtyard outside of the Courthouse

Svatove Courthouse

We aren't sure....maybe one of the 8 schools in Svatove

Another shot of the main drag

Computer Club

Cool Russian 4x4 we think they would be a hit in the US

This is inside the Courthouse

Soldiers at the Kharkiv Train Station

Our Train accomodations

Our Train accomodations

Our Train accomodations

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