Svatove, Ukraine

December 21st, 2006

So, we wake up....Deanna jumps in the shower and screams....THERE'S NO HOT WATER....GREAT!  So it's into the package of wet-wipes....Let me tell you...there is nothing in the world like a nice wet-wipe shower when you need one...Just trust me.  Before we went to bed last night we were told that our wet clothes would actually dry faster if we hung them on all the hot water pipes in the room....So we did...At least our clothes were dry in the morning...

Today we were aloud to spend four hours on the town with the kids....So when they got out of school we packed up the very nice Russian made Taxi cab with the 2-kids, Olga, Deanna and I....Did I mention that this thing is about the size of a stretched Mini?  Anyway....We went into town and spent some time in the local toy store....The "Girl" (we really hate not using their names it is killing us) wanted a little plastic cell phone (pink) and the boy was looking at a little ambulance (like a tonka toy) when his sister called him over to look at the SPIDERMAN remote controlled car.  WOW, it was over...THAT is what he wanted...So we got "The Girl" the little cell phone and a portable game, and "The Boy" got this HOT spiderman remote controlled car....Yeah....We spent less then 20 bucks...So, If you really want to get some good Christmas Shopping done...Please....Come to Svatove!

After the toy store we had lunch with the kids at the "Restaurant" and then Olga informed us that they didn't have gloves for their cold little hands...So back to the toy store...Yeah it doubles for a clothing store too.  They each picked out a pair of gloves and we were off to the computer club (this isn't your normal internet cafe...I think we covered the 6-modems in the whole town thing earlier, please check out the Svatove Pictures) it is actually just a computer club where kids from the town come in and play computer games after school.  Our kids played their first computer game ever....MADAGASCAR.  We let them play for an hour and then had to head back to the orphanage before it got dark at 4pm.  Yes we said 4pm and it had been dark a little while!!!

It was an AWESOME day with the kids....the "little boy" actually smiled a few times....Deanna says quite a bit  :)

After we dropped the kids off we went back to the computer club...  The owner said we could use their computer to check our email...We then decided to hit the supermarket...Wait a minute...the corner store...well actually smaller then the mini-mart attached to the BP gas station to get some supplies...On the way out the door, Bammmm Deanna is on the ground....for those of you that know Deanna this will come as no big surprise!!!  She twisted her ankle up pretty good which made things move at a little slower pace the next couple of days.  She is doing better now, but not at 100%.

More tomorrow!

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