Why we Chose Ukraine


After many hours of research we decided to adopt from Ukraine.


There are several reasons why; here is a list of them:


·        Most of the children in Ukraine are Caucasian children. We wanted to adopt a child that would blend in with our family and not stand out as adopted.


·        There is no pre-selection of children in Ukraine. All children are registered with the State Department of Adoptions in Kiev and this serves as the country's only "adoption agency". Families request permission and they are then approved to come to the Adoption Center to begin the selection process.


·        We could adopt from Ukraine without using an agency which is more cost effective.  International adoptions are very expensive mostly due to the agency fees in the states as well as fees countries charge for the child, often totaling over $35,000. Children in Ukraine are free. There is no agency or government adoption fee.  Being able to adopt without paying an agency fee made adoption possible for us.


After deciding to go to Ukraine, why did we choose Cathy Harris and Ukrainian Angels



·        We were referred to Cathy from our primary care doctor. He and his wife adopted their daughter from Ukraine in 2003. They both spoke highly of Cathy Harris and the support provided. We contacted Cathy directly and we heard from many families that had adopted from Ukraine with Cathy’s support and decided that this was the way to go. Cathy has helped so many families realize their dream and the translators she uses in Ukraine have a proven track record. Even though we were going to do an "Independent Adoption", we felt like we would never be alone!