November 26
Dossier Submitted!

In August, we had finally had all of the paperwork for our dossier completed. We sent the documents to our translator in Ukraine who translated the documents then submitted them to the National Adoption Center (NAC) in Kiev in early September.

In mid October we received a letter from the NAC saying that our dossier was approved and that we are now registered to come adopt a child in Ukraine! The letter also stated that we should request an appointment in 2006.

A few days later we sent a letter to the NAC requesting an appointment a date to go to the NAC to be shown potential children for adoption in January or February of 2006. They do not have to honor our request, we could and actually expect to go in late spring or early summer.

In early November, we received another letter from the NAC stating that we will receive our appointment letter in December 2005 or January 2006 for travel in 2006. So now we wait.

The hardest part about waiting is that since Ukraine does not allow pre-selection of children (through photo-listings, etc.), we do not have any idea whether we will be brining home one or two, girls or boys….. We won’t know until we travel and visit the NAC!


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