The Kids

As you all know we came to Ukraine requesting two children under at 5 but while we were waiting to get here our kids got older because these kids were meant to be ours.

Our daughter-to-be is 10 years old.  She will be 11 on February 4th.  Our Son-to-be is 7 years old and will be 8 on April 15th.  They are both beautiful children.  They are very healthy and the right size for their age.  They have been in the orphanage for 6 years.  Their father is dead and their mother abandoned them with her Grandmother just after the boy was born.  She couldn't raise them herself and brought them to the orphanage.  It is so sad.  They do not know their mother at all.  Our daughter-to-be remembers her great-grandma and had a few things that she gave her and keeps them in a special place but she doesn't remember her mother at all.

Our daughter-to-be likes the color pink, she enjoys embroidery and she loves the digital camera.  Our son-to-be likes the color Orange, Spiderman and soccer.  He is quiet, shy and serious.  Both children like school and are doing well. 

We have pictures but can't post them.  See the italicized note on "Arriving in Svatove" page for more details. 

While these children are older than we planned they will be a perfect fit to our family and we are very, very happy. 


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