We’re Home!

We decided to come home to during the Ukrainian holiday period which runs from December 29th through January 7th so that we can begin to set up the rooms for our DD and DS (DD – Dear Daughter and DS = Dear Son). We have spent the last several days buying out every store we walk into! It has been a blast! We bought our DS a loft bed that has a dresser and desk built in, along with Spiderman sheets, comforter, blanket, etc. For our DD we bought a satin pink comforter, pink sheets, and about 10 pillows in various pink tons for her daybed. Troy is in the process of painting their rooms blue and pink. We managed to find quite a bit of clearance toys for the kids (Tinker toys, Barbie dolls, etc) so we have a good start.

We leave again on Monday, January 8th and arrive in Kiev on January 9th. Our court date is tentatively set for January 11th. The 10 day wait begins on the 11th or 12th, depends on the judge. After the 10 day wait the kids are ours and we get to take them from the orphanage. We plan to be home around the 26th or 27th depending on how long it takes to get the last of the paperwork done.

Troy went to work yesterday but came home ill. He has been fighting something nasty since Christmas. Hopefully he gets better before we leave again.

Happy New Year!